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Free honeypot and scam check tool
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Enter the BSC or ETH coin address to verify the outcome of a simulated transaction, taxes and gas charges.

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This tool helps you know if a coin or token is honeypot, then figure out if the sale transactions are working and how much the fees and gas charges are to execute the transaction.
It works on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ETH) network.

Remember that results may change in the future, always perform your research before investing.
First of all: Do your own research (DYOR)

If you know the Solidity programming language, read the coin/token contract and look for malicious, unclear, or potentially dangerous functions. If you don't know this language, you can find plenty of help online to correctly interpret what you need.

Security audits
Audits are documents drawn up by competent private companies in order to make a contract comprehensible even to those who would not be able to understand it. It is also important to verify the legitimacy of the auditors themselves. Often new coins have not been verified by these companies, so you will have to do your own research.

Contract Address
Check the contract address of the coin/token you are buying and don't rely exclusively on the address you found on CoinSupreme.io. Check to see if the same address is the one disclosed on the coin's official social media, their Telegra, Twitter, etc. CoinSupreme strives to only list coins that it deems legitimate and eliminate potential scams, however we cannot make any guarantees about this and are not responsible if a scam coin is listed. Sometimes scammers will present a coin with features that make it look legitimate and a contract with no malicious features, however there are other types of scams that can be executed even under these conditions.

Telegram / Twitter
Check the official group and see if it has any anomalies, such as if there are thousands of members but very few interactions and few users online. This condition may indicate a group composed of fake users and bots in order to make it seem numerous and therefore trustworthy.

Bscscan and chain explorers
Check the top holders and what percentage of coins they own of the total. If there are users with portfolios that hold percentages greater than 5/7/10% or more, you need to consider this factor as a potential threat. This portfolio could sell all of their coins, and this could have a huge negative impact on the price, triggering what is commonly referred to as a "panic sell" and causing investors to abandon their positions causing the price to plummet.

Poocoin/Bogged/Dextools Etc.
These websites offer some tools to check the legitimacy of the coins, e.g. on Poocoin, if there is a red warning message below the LP box that says "liquidity is not locked, deployer can take it all if they want" it means you are exposed to serious financial risk and this coin may be a future rugpull.

Check that the Liquidity Pool Tokens have been burned to an unrecoverable address (typically 0x000...00dead) or at least locked for a long period of time. LP Tokens if held by someone can be exchanged again subtracting liquidity from the coin and making it unsaleable.

Presales are often risky and up to the time of launch the presale portfolio may hold much higher percentages than 10%. That's not to say presales are bad, but we recommend you do your research on this point.

Under the chart of the websites that offer the coins chart all the sell and buy orders are displayed, if a coin has only buy orders and none (or many, many few sell) there is a risk that the contract will not allow you to sell at all except to a few unlocked addresses or to the deployer who will simulate some sales to fool you.

Presence of the development team
An honest token will have an open community and the developers will often be present on social and ready to answer your questions in a transparent and professional way.