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Weekly GOLD: Our gift to the best coin of the week
At the end of each week (Sunday 11.59 PM UTC) the coin with the most votes wins the GOLD Promoted position for FREE for the whole Monday!
Coins with an active Promoted position are excluded.

We offer 3 types of advertising and promotions
  • Gold Promoted coin:
  • This is the most exclusive promotion, only one coin at a time can be GOLD.
    It is the most visible object of the whole homepage and it will not go unnoticed.
    Being GOLD Promoted means having a position of maximum prominence and prestige within CoinSupreme.
    Regardless of the number of votes, it is always on top of the Promoted Coins ranking.
    It is available from Tuesday 12:00 AM UTC to Sunday 11:59 PM UTC.
    On whole Monday it is occupied by the winner of the weekly Leaderboard, as a free gift from CoinSupreme.

  • Promoted coins:
  • Being in Promoted Coins means to be noticed by all those who access CoinSupreme thanks to the positioning that offers great visibility.
    They are the first elements to be displayed and the most clicked ones.
    Differently from Gold Promotion, in this case the position is determined by the total number of votes received on CoinSupreme.
    Promoted Coins can be a maximum of 5 each day excluding Gold Promoted.

  • Banner rotation:
  • Everyone likes animations, which is why GIF format banners are the most clicked form of visual advertising.
    They occupy the top right section in the desktop version, while in the mobile version they occupy the entire width of the screen just below the CoinSupreme logo.
    Impossible not to see it!
    The maximum daily number of rotating banners is 10 and when a user accesses CoinSupreme, one of the rotating banners is selected in a totally random way, however, at the end of 24 hours our algorithm will have given the same prominence to all rotating banners.
    We offer the possibility to be the only banner of the day, in this case 100% of users will see it.
Please pay attention
By activating any form of promotion or advertisement with CoinSupreme.io you agree that you have read, understood and fully accepted our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Official Telegram promoters
Below are the Telegram usernames of our official promoters enabled to offer promotions on CoinSupreme. Be wary of anyone who offers you promotions on CoinSupreme.io and is not on this list:
If you have any concerns about this or if you are contacted by users not on this list or by emails other than our official emails, please notify us.

Do you have a different idea for a promotion?
Do you want to appear in the background? In the menu? In a popup?
Tell us about it, we'll evaluate it together.

Info and prices: ads@coinsupreme.io

For general questions, information not found on the website, or to update/change/delete coin information, you can contact us via email